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SCP-049 Angel of Death Unisex T-Shirt

  • Step into the realm of the supernatural with our SCP-049 Angel of Death Shirt, where darkness intertwines with the ethereal. This captivating shirt showcases SCP-049 as a mysterious angelic figure adorned with black wings. Crafted with 100% cotton and ethically made in the USA, our SCP-049 Angel of Death Shirt offers a classic fit for comfort and style. Embrace your fascination with the macabre and showcase your connection to the dark realms of the SCP universe. Perfect for fans and enthusiasts, this shirt is a statement piece that transcends ordinary fashion. Unleash your inner mystic.


    • 100% cotton
    • Made in the USA
    • Ethically crafted
    • Medium fabric
    • Classic fit
    • Tear-away label
    • True to size