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SCP-049 Gaming Mat

SKU: 11293399021645189079
  • Level up your gaming setup with our SCP-049 Desk Mat, your gateway to the mysterious realms of the SCP universe. Crafted from 4 mm thick neoprene, it delivers superior comfort and precise control with its anti-slip backing. Measuring 12 x 18 inches, it offers generous space for your mouse, keyboard, and gear. Immerse yourself in the captivating graphic of SCP-049, the enigmatic plague doctor, as you embark on thrilling gaming adventures. Designed for SCP enthusiasts and lovers of the macabre, our SCP-049 Desk Mat invites you to embrace the unknown, unlocking your inner investigator. Let the mysteries unfold as you dominate the virtual world.


    • 4 mm thick neoprene
    • Anti-slip backing
    • Full print
    • Multifunctional use
    • 12 x 18 inches
    • Ships to the US only.
    • Returns are accepted for manufacturing defects within 30 days of delivery.
    • For complete details please visit our Shipping & Returns policy.
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